Industrial Design Style

The Industrial Spaces and furniture have a strong character. They show their true structure materials. It is characterized by brick walls, exposed and rough concrete walls or beams, steel beams and perhaps exposed electrical or plumbing pipes and mechanical ducts. The flooring may have a rustic look wood flooring as if the building is old and has been repurposed. Another flooring option might be a naked polished concrete. The typical industrial windows are large and have strong black iron mullions.

The open concept space also communicates that the building might have been a factory or mill in the past, or that it belonged to some sort of industrial trade. 

Floor and ceiling lamps resemble functional fixtures more than beauty, nor decorative items, however they make bold statements when appropriately coordinated with everything else in the space.

Furniture pieces are made of metal, steel, not elaborated wood and they show their structural support in a simple and strong solution. Upholstered pieces reflect how they are sewn and put together, perhaps we can see exposed sewing seams and rivets.

Industrial Contemporary Mood Board

Industrial pieces in this mood board are the table that is built with a metal structure and a rustic wood top, the chandelier options and the leather bench also resemble the industrial style principles, and those make for the big statement pieces.

The buffet table seems to be Industrial style though with a more refined polished marble table top. Some concrete, glass, iron and metal decor tie in the industrial style. The polished metal leaf tray and the glass vase add some elegant finished surfaces.

Industrial style furniture can portray a cool feel, oversized support structures and some rough finishes. Here the industrial design style is combined with some contemporary and more refined elements.

I wanted to soften the textures that would be in direct touch with skin, like the chairs and rug. Also, adding some coordinated pieces from another style can work well sometimes. I chose a chair from contemporary style that would have metal legs to tie the materials used with the rest of the pieces.

The artwork uses colour tones of concrete, brick, and wood that represent the typical industrial style architecture building.