Experience in Architecture and Interior Design with a focus on energy efficiency and natural finishes.

Designing family homes, hospitality and destination residences.

I would love to help you design the home that integrates what you love and supports your hobbies and dreams.


Home Design

Custom Home Design.

Space Planning and Development for a New Project or Remodel.

I can help you solve the layout that will integrate your lifestyle and space needs.

Together we can design the ambiance you want to portray in your home and select the materials and colour palette that coordinates best.

And of course, it should reflect your design style!

Space Styling

  • Personal Style Definition and the composition of coherent and functional spaces.
  • Colour and material coordinations so you can verify all makes sense before building.
  • Coordinated furniture and decorative accesories selections.
  • Overall design or phased proyect room by room.

Kitchen Planning  / Remodeling

A functional and clean space that can be enjoyed by everybody wheather you like to be the chef or the entertainer.

A palette of beautiful finishes that make sense to your personal Style and Solutions for your space dynamics.


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“Form ever follows function.”

– Louis Sullivan

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